Our Purpose
Raise funds to help our community, support caregiving for our patients, and enhance programs at St. Elizabeth, Nebraska Heart, and our affiliates.  Learn more about current projects by visiting St. Elizabeth Foundation and the Nebraska Heart Foundation.  To make a donation, follow a link below.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

Thank a Caregiver
Perhaps it was a kind word or a smile that brought you or your family member comfort. As a patient of St. Elizabeth or Nebraska Heart Hospital, we invite you to share in our mission by making a gift in honor of a caregiver. If during your visit you encoutered someone who made your experience special, please let them know by nominating them for a Star of Caring.  This could be a physician, nurse, volunteer, or other staff member.  They will receive a note from you and a custom pin to wear proudly each day, while continuing the work that touches so many.  Thank a caregiver today with a gift to the St. Elizabeth/Nebraska Heart Foundation.

Current Projects

Pediatric Place at St. Elizabeth

St. Elizabeth is developing a new model to care for children. It will be an improved way to keep young patients closer to families, keep them in our community - and still deliver good quality pediatric care. A hospital and emergency care unit - specialized separate area - will be located adjacent to the Emergency Department and will be the Pediatric Place at St. Elizabeth - ER and Hospital - just for kids. An inviting and child-like atmosphere will welcome children and their families. Give to Pediatric Place at St. Elizabeth and help invest in the care of your children.  Learn more about this important project.

Hearts of Hope
During February/Heart month you can be a part of the Nebraska Heart Hearts of Hope appreciation campaign.  Make a donation to Hearts of Hope and your gift will be designated to the canopy for the emergency entrance.  Add a message in honor of a Nebraska Heart Hospital, employee, provider, or patient.  Nebraska Heart Foundation will fill out a valentine card with your message and display the cards in the Cafe Corazon for everyone to admire.  On February 28, all valentines addressed to you are yours to take home.  Below is a picture of the valentine you will see displayed in Cafe Corazon.

General Donations
Donate to a program you are passionate about. View a list of programs to donate to.
• Honor a nurse, physician, or staff member who made your experience special.
• Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or special occasion by making a gift in honor of a friend, mentor, or loved one.
• Help provide compassionate care by making a gift in memory of a friend or family member.

Caring is Always in Season
Give to the 2019 Caring is Always in Season annual employee campaign.  Your gift will make a difference.