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Breast Health Patient Care: This fund is used to purchase items and supplies to support patients awaiting an exam, biopsy, or ultrasound.

Chapel/Pastoral: Your gift will support St. Francis staff chaplains and ministry volunteers in providing spiritual support, comfort, and related resources for our patients, their families, and hospital staff in accordance with our organization's mission and core values.

Child Safety: Your gift will assist St. Francis in child safety community education efforts, which provide professional infant/child car seat installation and checks, qualified financial assistance for car seat purchases, promotion and distribution of general safety program information ranging from bicycle and water safety to general childhood health and well-being topics.

Employee Stewardship: This fund provides support for fellow employees in their time of financial need. Funds are raised by employees through this annual campaign, with the support of the foundation's unrestricted funds.

Greatest Needs: This fund is used for emerging areas of greatest needs in alignment with CHI Health St. Francis' mission.

Heart & Cardiopulmonary: This fund is used to purchase, upgrade, or maintain equipment and other items, to support the St. Francis Heart, Cardiopulmonary, and Cath Lab operations, to enhance patient care, and increase staff productivity.

Maternal Child: This fund is used to purchase items needed for new parents, and to upgrade, or maintain equipment and other items needed for the Labor & Delivery department. Your gift can also be used to provide grief support resources to patients and their families who experience the loss of a baby, and for memory boxes, keepsake items, and other needs.

Nursing Professional Development Scholarship: This fund is used to provide scholarships for nurses who want to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree, or a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree. Funds can also be used for certification prep.

Pediatrics: This fund is used to purchase items to enhance the care of pediatric patients and their families, including but not limited to toys, iPads, equipment for the department and any other needs.

Project Care (patient assistance): This fund is used to help patients and their families with needs related to their medical care, such as medications, hotel accommodations, meals, and others.

Project Serenity: This fund is used to provide adult victims of sexual assault, human trafficking, domestic or intimate partner violence an exclusive, safe place to receive immediate comprehensive and compassionate care, as well as evidence collection from our FNE (forensic nurse examiner) teams.

Project Think FAST: Your gift will be used to help provide community and patient education, as well as enhanced EMS response training, related to the importance of  timely identification and immediate life-saving actions when faced with warning signs and symptoms of stroke.

XCite2 Project: The Xcite2 was designed to allow rehabilitation clinicians to easily and efficiently apply multi-channel Functional Electrical  Stimulation.  Our neuro-based population, specifically patients affected by a stroke, brain or spinal cord injury, and other conditions like Parkinsons or multiple sclerosis, will be well-served and will make great functional advancements through the addition of the Xcite2 technology while they rehabilitate on the CHI Health St. Francis Inpatient Rehab Unit.