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All proceeds are going to CHI Health St. Francis for families facing stillbirth, extended NICU hospitalization, or a transfer to a higher level of care.

Seth and Sara Yount's Story

We had two kids, Owen, who was 5 years old, and Nora, who was 2 years old. When we got pregnant with our third, we were surprised as it was unexpected, but thrilled. My husband and I were certain it was a boy. The pregnancy was very similar to Owen’s. They were both breech, I craved similar things, and the baby moved similarly to Owen. Therefore, we discussed girl names rarely. We both knew the only name we liked was Halle.

About a month before Halle was born, I asked the kids what they wanted to name the baby if it was a girl.  Nora said she wanted to name her Hallelujah.  Owen said “How about Halle?  Like from Parent Trap?”  

We thought it was meant to be.  And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with calling her Hallelujah. (read the rest of Halle's story)