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Gifts to CHI Health St. Elizabeth/NE Heart Foundation provide care for the underserved, seek innovative solutions to complex health problems, and make state-of-the-art technology available to our patients. You may direct your gift to support the hospital or program of your choice with the assurance that 100% of your gift will benefit the project you designate.  Learn more about current projects and events by visiting CHI Health St. Elizabeth/Nebraska Heart Foundation.  

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Put the amount you would like charged to your card or deducted from your account (you will choose the frequency next) in the amount field, choose the fund designation, then click the Add Donation button. If you wish to split your gift between multiple funds repeat the steps, entering the amount you want to go to each fund. Once you have finished, you can adjust the amounts if necessary.
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Special Programs
  • Honor a nurse, physician, or staff member who made your experience special
  • Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or special occasion by making a gift in honor of a friend, mentor, or loved one
  • Help provide compassionate care by making a gift in memory of a friend or family member