The CHI Health Good Samaritan Foundation supports the healthcare services, research, and education mission of  CHI Health Good Samaritan.  Established in 1985, the foundation seeks, receives, and administers donations for the benefit of Good Samaritan and its related departments, programs, and services. The foundation is governed by a board of directors composed of local leaders who have a commitment to the importance of philanthropy and fulfilling our mission.

Current Fundraising Campaigns
Emergency Ambulance Enclosure

Our current Emergency ambulance drop-off area is open to the elements. Our hope is to raise enough money to enclose the area for the safety and protection of our patients. If you would like to help, please visit our Emergency Enclosure page.

General Donations
Visit our General Donation page
• Donate to a program you are passionate about
• Honor a nurse, physician, or staff member who made your experience special
• Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or special occasion by making a gift in honor of a friend, mentor, or loved one
• Help provide compassionate care by making a gift in memory of a friend or family member

Specific Funds/Projects
Emergency Relief Fund
We are in this together!  You can make a difference today and support your nurses, physicians, caregivers and staff by donating to our Emergency Relief fund to provide necessary resources for healthcare professionals during critical times. Gifts of any size will make a positive impact in our community.

Good Sam Fund (emergency assistance for employees)
Provides emergency financial assistance to help Good Samaritan employees in times of need.  You can help Good Samaritan employees by donating to the Good Sam fund.

Annual Employee Campaign

Visit our H.O.P.E. page