CUMC-Bergan Mercy General Donations

We are by nature, caregivers. When something needs fixing, we fix it. When someone needs help, we jump in with no questions asked. That’s what makes you and all of us so special. We really do work miracles for our patients and for each other.

Contributing to CHI Health is yet another way for people to demonstrate this love. Our gifts help support patient care, provide comfort for families, help our communities thrive, and touch people around the world. Together, we can help fund expenses for patients who qualify, offer comfort care to patients at the end of life, or be a source of strength and professional development. We can support a nurse’s education or help build a house in Tanzania. The possibilities are incredible when we all do our part.

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If you would like to see a description of the funds available to donate to, please open the CUMC-Bergan Mercy fund list.

Donation Information
Put the amount you would like charged to your card or deducted from your account (you will choose the frequency next) in the amount field, choose the fund designation, then click the Add Donation button. If you wish to split your gift between multiple funds repeat the steps, entering the amount you want to go to each fund. Once you have finished, you can adjust the amounts if necessary.
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